Hand Sew Felt Tutorial - Straight Stitch

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Straight Stitch also known as Running Stitch are individual stitches sew without crossing or looping the thread and looks like a broken line. It is easily removable and thus often use to tag two pieces of fabrics together temporary.

Here's how you sew Straight Stitch.

Insert the needle from the back of the fabric.

Push the needle in & out of the fabric in equal distance.

Pull out the needle.

Push the needle in & out of the fabric again.

Then pull out the needle and you have your straight stitch or running stitch.


I use straight stitch mainly on projects where I need to pull and tie the threads together to obtain gathers on the fabrics.

Some of my projects that make great use of straight stitches include:-

Felt Cupcakes.

Felt Fast Food Set.

Felt Strawberries.

Felt Lettuce.

Felt Sweetheart cakes - strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.


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